CTAN upload notification: psfragger

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Mon Oct 28 09:10:51 CET 2002

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A submission was uploaded to nova.dante.de:/ftp/incoming/upload-20021028.001/.

The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: psfragger
Name and email: Primoz Cermelj
Suggested location on CTAN: support
Summary description: Psfrag graphical interface on win32 system used to modify existing eps files and create pdf files.
License type: Nocommercial

Announcement text:
PSFragger is a free tool used to replace labels in eps files by using psfrag and LaTeX. The result is modified eps file that can be further converted to PDF file for use with PDFLaTeX (eps to pdf conversion is included in this tool).
Use of Ghostscript is assumed a priori.
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Thanks for the upload.  After stripping the text files of CR characters,
I installed the package in CTAN:/tex-archive/nonfree/support/psfragger
with a link from CTAN:/tex-archive/support/psfragger
Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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