CTAN updates of l2tabu and l2tabuen packages

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Tue Dec 21 06:18:21 CET 2004

The packages

  l2tabu (Das LaTeX-Sündenregister (sins of LaTeX users), by Mark Trettin)

  l2tabuen (English translation of l2tabu by Jürgen Fenn)

have been updated on CTAN. Location on CTAN is



Summary description: Obsolete commands, packages and other common

License type: Free (Open Publication License v1.0)

Announcement text of l2tabu:
A small list of obsoleted commands and packages that are constantly
posted in "minimal examples" to de.comp.text.tex. I further listed
common mistakes (e.g. \begin{appendix}...\end{appendix} instead of
\appendix ...). This file should be considered an add-on to the
available documentation like l2kurz and FAQs.

This document is written in German.

Changes: * fixed typos
         * caption.sty
         * euler vs. eulervm
         * TEXINPUTS vs. \graphicspath
         * fixed colors for b/w printing
         * \em changed

Announcement text of l2tabuen:
Apart from some minor changes, we have inserted a new section on how
to use \graphicspath. We also have added new crossreferences to
usrguide, clsguide, and fntguide.

Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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