CTAN update: xkeyval and pst-xkey packages

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Tue Dec 21 06:23:30 CET 2004

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Hendri Adriaens uploaded an update to his packages

  xkeyval (1.8a) and pst-xkey (1.2a)

xkeyval is an extension of the keyval package and offers additional macros
for setting keys and declaring and setting class or package options.  The
package allows the programmer to specify a prefix to the name of the
macros it defines for keys, and to define families of key definitions;
these all help use in documents where several packages define their own
sets of keys.

pst-xkey is an adaptation of the techniques of xkeyval to the needs of the
family of packages associated with pstricks, so that those packages can
safely, and with relative ease, use key-value syntax in their commands.

License is lppl.

Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/xkeyval

Announcement text:
The updates are related to three small bugs
that were discovered on 2004/12/20. Two are
related to the support of the empty family
(eg, for pstricks). The previous update
avoided removing spaces from key and familynames
and some macros were adjusted. I overlooked
the fact that one of those macros removed the
empty family from the list of families.

The last bug that was solved was in reusing
a macro that was redefined intermediately in
case presets were used.

I hope no more bugs will show up now.

Thanks for the update

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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