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On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 at 00:31 +0100, Juergen Fenn submitted a new package


to CTAN.

Location on CTAN: info/templates
License: lppl

Jürgen writes:

 > I had already published the template for scrlttr2 earlier at
 > http://www.komascript.de/ . I had written these templates for my
 > personal use only, that's why they are all in German. It should,
 > however, be easy to adapt them to other languages. If you need help
 > for this, please send me an email. You can reach me at
 > http://www.juergenfenn.de/ .
 > The package contains these commented templates:
 > scrlttr2.tex: a letter to be written with scrlttr2.cls from the
 >   KOMA-Script bundle by Markus Kohm.
 > dinbrief.tex: a letter according to the German DIN standards to be
 >   written with dinbrief.cls.
 > kbrief.tex: a brief memo ("Kurzbrief") to accompany enclosures, as
 >   used in German offices, based on dinbrief.
 > vermerk.tex: a general form for taking down notes on events in the
 >   office.
 > diabetes.tex: a diary for the basis-bolus insulin therapy of diabetes
 >   mellitus, based on scrartcl.
 > templates-fenn-en.txt: Overview of the whole package in English.
 > templates-fenn-de.txt: The German version of templates-fenn-en.txt. 
 > All files are published under the latest version of the LPPL.


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Thanks for the upload.

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  Rainer Schöpf

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