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Summary description: generic handling of category codes (private letters, active characters)
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 

The `catcodes' bundle deals with category code switching. 
The contained packages should work with LaTeX as well as 
without (based on the `plainpkg' package). The important 
cases of category codes are 
(a) "private letters" for internal package commands and 
(b) active characters. 
`stacklet.sty' deals with (a), `actcodes.sty' with (b). 
There also is 
(c) `catchdq.sty', an application of (b), 
for automatic insertion of typographical double quotes 
when the user only enters ASCII double quotes. What is 
"typographical" differs between languages, the new 
`langcode' package completes `catchdq''s functionality 
in this respect.

See README for documentation and 
similar (more comprehensive) packages.

Some macros and code are moving here from the `morehype' 
and `nicetext' bundles, attempting to improve all of 
them. It may take some weeks to upload my most recent 
versions of the latter bundles to render the public 
versions compatible which each other again.


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.  More information is at
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Thanks for the upload.

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