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On Thu, 20 Sep 2012 Uwe Lück submitted the 



Summary description: language-dependent settings based on language codes
License type: lppl

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`langcode.sty' in the first instance provides a command 


to adjust language-dependent settings, such as key words, 
typographical conventions, and language codes (ISO-639-1).
An author frequently writing documents in two or more languages 
can use the same commands independently of the language, 
provided they are gathered in a list macro to be used by the 
`dowith' package. If `\<cmd>' is in the list, it is set to work 
like `\<chars><cmd>', and a macro `\langcode' will expand to 
<chars> (the respective tokens), usable in URLs. 

The package is ``generic," based on `plainpkg'. The code has 
been used with `morehype' and `catchdq' (`catcodes'), but may 
be useful more generally.


This package is located at
.  More information is at
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Thanks for the upload.

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