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Carsten Ace Dahlmann submitted an update to the



Version number: 0.2
License type: lppl

Summary description: Citation style for linguistic studies at
                     the University of Wuppertal

Announcement text:

- MAJOR CHANGE OF BIBLIOGRAPHY RULES: To be compatible with the
  major changes of the bibliography rules of the Institute for
  Linguistics Wuppertal that took place with the release of the
  new 5th edition of the brochure "Germanistik in Wuppertal",
  this style had to be changed in the following ways:

- Change of rule dependency: Since the journal ZS is no longer
  recommended for cases of doubt by the brochure, only the
  Unified style sheet for linguistics (USSL) is being used for
  fallback rules. This reduces the checking of interdependent
  rule changes for future updates (before: own interpretation >
  BUW > ZS > USSL + Style sheet for Mouton journals, after: own
  interpretation > BUW > USSL).

- Added an = before the series.

- No comma anymore between series and number.

- Series now at the very end of the entry.

- Colon instead of comma before pages of journal (before: USSL
  rule, after: BUW rule).

- Number of journal now divided from volume by colon instead of
  being in parathesis without space directly after volume
  (before: USSL rule, after: BUW rule).

- Page now after publisher+location instead of before.

- Now "URL:" before URL (before: USSL rule, after: BUW rule).

- Changed both multinamedelim and finalnamedelim to a slash.

- No forced comma after note anymore.

- Edition as a superscripted number after the year if field
  edition is integer.

- Edition as usual text after published+location if field
  edition is not integer.

- Added option edsuper for deactivating superscripted edition. 

- Updated documentation (see also for detailed explanation of
  how the BUW rules have been interpreted (German only).


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