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Version number: 1.0
License type: lppl

Summary description: A package to typeset metric/prosodic
                     symbols standalone or above syllables.

Announcement text:

This is the initial version of metrix. A package to typeset the
metrics (prosodics) as a line of symbols or above the syllables
of a verse. It uses an ASCII like syntax for the symbols, e.g. u
for an elementum brevis, _ for an elementum longum or u_uu for
an elementum anceps. The symbols can be aligned above (or below)
the syllables if you give the verse in a hyphenated form. A
short example by Ovid in his Tristia 4,10,26:

   \metrics{_  _    _    _  _   | _    u  u  _   u   u _  }
          {et quod temp-ta-bam | scri-be-re ver-sus e-rat}

Furthermore metrix defines three new commands for accent like
symbols (\lng, \brv and \acct) and a macro to print the bow
connecting two vowels or syllables (\bow).


This package is located at

More information is at
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