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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the



Summary description: Use the text font in math mode
License type: lppl

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1.2d [2013/01/02]

   *  an incompatibility with amsmath (its macro \resetMathstrut@),
      exists since version 1.2 of the package. This is fixed

   *  various improvements in dealing with the asterisk and in the
      mechanism of letting non-letter symbols obey the math alphabet

   *  documentation extended and improved.

   *  mathastext now inserts automatically after all (latin)
      letters in math mode their italic corrections, if the font
      used is upright (sic). This improves the spacings for the
      positioning of subscripts. The feature is de-activated
      inside the math alphabets commands (apart from \mathnormal),
      so as to not prohibit the formation of ligatures,

   *  the documentation has been extended to explain in detail the
      issues which are relevant to the new feature of added italic

   *  version 1.2 had some bad bugs when confronted to active
      characters. This is corrected and additionally \MTnonletters-
      -donotobeymathxx is made the default, as the user input is too
      much constrained in its absence.

   *  a less fatal, but still annoying, typo had made the dot in 1.2
      of type \mathpunct rather than \mathord

   *  the inner namespace has been rationalized a bit.


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