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Bogusław Jackowski, Piotr Strzelczyk, Piotr Pianowski, and
Staszek Wawrykiewicz submitted an update to the



Version:  2014-09-05
License:  gfl

Summary description:  Maths fonts to match tex-gyre text fonts.

Announcement text:

 TeX Gyre Math fonts are the math companions for the corresponding
 TeX Gyre families of fonts in the OpenType format.
 It comprises:
      TeX Gyre Bonum Math,   ver. 1.005
      TeX Gyre Pagella Math, ver. 1.632
      TeX Gyre Schola Math,  ver. 1.533
      TeX Gyre Termes Math,  ver. 1.543

 Recent changes comprised mainly interline settings in OTF tables HHEA and OS/2).


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More information is at

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