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Bogusław Jackowski, Piotr Strzelczyk, Piotr Pianowski, and
Staszek Wawrykiewicz submitted an update to the



Version:  1.959 / 2014-09-05
License:  gfl

Summary description:  OpenType maths fonts for Latin Modern.

Announcement text:

 Latin Modern Math is a math companion for the Latin Modern family of
 fonts in the OpenType format.
 Recent changes (ver. 1.958 --> ver. 1.959) comprised mainly interline
 settings in OTF tables (HHEA and OS/2) and the correction of unicode
 slots assigned to the contour integrals (glyphs `clockwise contour
 integral', u+2232, and `anticlockwise contour integral', u+2233, used
 to have swapped slots).


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