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Clea F. Rees submitted an update to the



Version:  2010-07-17
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Extensions to the LaTeX NFSS.

Announcement text:

 The package is an extension of nfssext.sty, which is distributed
 with the font installation guide.

 Includes an attempt to improve \ofstyle and microtype support for
 variant families.

 There is no change to the available commands or package support. (No
 new features, no shocking disappearances.) It is possible that it may
 result in changes to line breaks if a document uses microtype, although
 I am not sure that it will actually do so. (It shouldn't make a
 difference for cfr-lm and I'm not sure that anything else with
 microtype support uses it.)

 The reason for the difference in version and publication dates is that
 I forgot that I was testing it and just discovered I'm using a local
 copy 5 years on.


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More information is at

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   Thanks for the upload.

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