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Wed May 20 15:25:41 CEST 2015

People must delete numbered file before next run of eledmac.
That is the last major release of eledmac. A new package, reledmac, is considered to success to it. Eledmac's user are 
cordialy invited to exprim opinions in https://github.com/maieul/ledmac/issues/297.

In this release:
= \sameword mechanism:
  - compatibility with inputenc
  - compatibility with multiple notes for one \edtext
  - compatibility with nested \edtext
  - fix bug when the lemma overlap multiple lines
= New option
  - In eledpar: sameparallelpagenumber to have the same page number
= New setting command:
  - \boxstartlinenum
  - \boxXendstartlinenum
  - \boxendlinenum
  - \boxXendendlinenum
  - \boxlinenumalign
  - \boxXendlinenumalign
= Bugfix :
  - with \onlysideX.
  - with nofamiliar / nocritical options in some specific cases
  - spurious space after \lemma \Xfootnote when inserting space in the second argument of \edtext (bug was added on 
1.0.0 !)
  - spurious space after \skipnumbering (bug was added on 1.21.0)
  - misbehavior of \skipnumbering if it is the first element of a \pstart
= New error messages for common mistakes
  - When using \beginnumbering…\endnumbering without \pstart
  - When when starting a Leftside/a Rightside while the previous one has not been yet typeset
  - When calling \Pages inside ‘pages’ environment and \Columns inside ‘pairs’ environment

This package is located at
More information is at

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    Thanks for the upload.

      For the CTAN Team
     Ina Dau

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