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Gustavo Barros submitted an update to the



Version number: 0.2.0-alpha
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: Clever LaTeX cross-references based on zref

Announcement text:

## v0.2.0-alpha (2022-01-28)

### Added
- The reference block formatting has been generalized to allow for more
  flexibility in setting the reference structure, with the new option

### Fixed
- Fixed handling of type names defined to be empty.
- Fixed distinction of `lastsep` and `pairsep` in cases where the type-block
  starts or ends with a range.

### Changed
- The `namefont` and `reffont` options can now be set also in
  `\zcRefTypeSetup` and `\zcLanguageSetup`.
- (Internal) Moved from property lists to individually named macros to store
  and retrieve options.

### Deprecated
- Options `preposinlink`, `preref`, and `postref` have been deprecated and
  replaced by new option `refbounds`.


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