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Gustavo Barros submitted an update to the



Version number: 0.1.2-alpha
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: Clever LaTeX cross-references based on zref

Announcement text:

## v0.1.2-alpha (2022-01-10)

### Added
- Provided Dutch language file (see PR

### Changed
- The `gender` key in `\zcLanguageSetup` and in the built-in language files
  can receive a comma separated list as value to support types with multiple
  valid genders.
- The `cap` and `abbrev` options can now be set also in `\zcRefTypeSetup` and
  `\zcLanguageSetup`, so that fine grained control per-type and per-language
  is now possible for these options.
- Abandoned the "dictionary/translation" metaphor to refer to language
  specific options.  Mostly housekeeping, affecting the name-scheme of
  functions and variables, but aiming at a clearer documentation in this area,
  specially in the longer term.

### Deprecated
- The reference format options `refpre` and `refpos` have been deprecated in
  favor or the more aptly named `preref` and `postref`, respectively.

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