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Version number: 2.08 2022-10-14
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Uppercase the first letter of a word

Announcement text:

This release is part of a set of inter-connected releases all dated 2022-10-14: 
bib2gls v3.0, glossaries v4.50, mfirstuc v2.08 and
glossaries-extra v1.49. The uploads will have to be staggered over the course of 
a week, but if you update mfirstuc make sure you also update
the others in the set if you require them.

  * Reimplemented \makefirstuc in LaTeX3. This change supports
    UTF-8 with pdflatex.

    Rollback to v2.07 provided:


  * New command \MFUsentencecase

    This just uses \text_titlecase_first:n

    Principle features of \MFUsentencecase vs \makefirstuc are
    listed in Table 1 of the manual.

  * \makefirstuc has been rewritten to internally use
    \MFUsentencecase (via \glsmakefirstuc), but it still parses
    its argument as in previous versions.

  * New command \MFUexcl{<cs>}

    This adds a command to the case-changing exclusion list.
    Both \MFUsentencecase and \makefirstuc will skip the
    identified command and its argument, and apply sentence-casing
    to the content that follows.

    For example, glossaries.sty v4.50 implements \MFUexcl{\glsadd}

  * New command \MFUblocker{<cs>}

    This adds a command to the blocker list. This is used by
    \makefirstuc but not \MFUsentencecase. If the command is encountered
    no case-change will be applied. This is designed for commands
    that automatically implement a case-change that may have been nested.

    For example, glossaries.sty v4.50 implements \MFUblocker{\Gls}

  * New command \MFUaddmap{<cs1>}{<cs2>}

    Adds a mapping. This is used by \makefirstuc but not
    \MFUsentencecase. If the first command <cs1> is encountered
    it will be replaced with the second <cs2>. No case change
    will be applied. (The case-change, if appropriate,
    should be dealt with by the replacement command.)

    For example, glossaries.sty v4.50 implements \MFUaddmap{\gls}{\Gls}

    Order of precedence: map, blocker, exclusion

  * New commands \MFUsaveatend and \MFUsave


This package is located at

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Erik Braun


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